iQiyi Voucher Code Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. This campaign will be held from 9th June to 30th August 2021 everyday, both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”).
  2. This Campaign is co-organised by NKL360 Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“EASI”) and iQIYI International Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and is governed by the laws of Malaysia.
    本次活动由NKL360 Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“百家外卖”) 和 iQIYI International Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“iQiyi”) 联合举办,并受马来西亚法律管辖。
  3. EASI will randomly select eighty(80) customers who made a minimum purchase of RM25 on previous day and send the iQIYI voucher code to the customer via SMS.
  4. Easi reserves the right to amend or change any terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time.
  5. By participating in the Promotion, the User accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and agrees that Easi may use its personal data for this Promotion.
  6. For enquiries about the Promotion, please call the Easi Customer Service Hotline at 03-2770 2880.
How to Use iQIYI Voucher Code
For Android mobile phone users.
For iOS and PC users. Please visit
  1. Log in and enter the voucher code to redeem. Tap into the top bar “Only 29 cents/day for VIP!”.
    For iOS users, please redeem the voucher code via desktop / mobile web browser at
  2. After redemption is successful, you will immediately obtain iQIYI VIP membership for the stipulated category and time.
  3. Existing VIP member that have opted for payment with mobile bill / card, the redeemed VIP membership will be added to your current membership period.
  4. Existing VIP member that have opted for payment with Google Play / Apple Pay / iTunes, please unsubscribe to enjoy the redeemed VIP membership
  5. Please use the voucher code within its validity period. Once expired, it cannot be used, refunded, discounted, or otherwise.
  6. If you have any other questions regarding the iQIYI voucher code, please email to
  7. iQiyi reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes directly or indirectly arising from the voucher code , the decision of iQiyi shall be final.

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