Get up to RM100 meal vouchers for every successful RHB credit card/-i 申请RHB信用卡/-i 获RM100百家餐券

Terms & Conditions

  1. RHB Bank Berhad (Registration No 196501000373 (6171-M)) and RHB Islamic Bank Berhad (Registration No 200501003283 (680329-V)) herein will be referred collectively as “RHB”, unless otherwise specified.
    除非另有说明,否则 RHB Bank Berhad(注册编号 196501000373 (6171-M))和 RHB Islam Bank Berhad(注册编号 200501003283 (680329-V))将统称为“RHB”。
  2. The promotion starts from 1st September 2022 – 31st May 2023,
    促销活动从 2022 年 9 月 1 日至 2023 年 5 月 31 日开始。
  3. The promotion is valid for Credit Card/-i application submitted via the EASI Malaysia Mobile Application. The requested information will be shared by EASI to RHB for card application process purposes.
    促销活动适用于通过 EASI百家外卖马来西亚App提交的信用卡/-i 申请。 EASI百家外卖将向 RHB 共享所有申请者的的信息,以用于信用卡申请流程。
  4. The promotion is valid for first 350 approved and activated with 1x spend RHB Credit Cards/-i application submitted via the EASI Malaysia mobile application during the campaign period.
    促销活动适用于活动期间通过 EASI 马来西亚App提交的 1x 消费 RHB 信用卡/-i 申请批准和激活的前 350 名。
  5. EASI e-Vouchers will be fulfilled within 4-6 weeks after the promotion ended.
    EASI百家外卖电子优惠券将在促销结束后 4-6 周内发放。
  6. RHB may amend/delete these Terms and Conditions or cancel the promotion at any time with sufficient prior notice.
    RHB 可随时修改/删除这些条款和条件或取消促销活动,但需提前通知。
  7. RHB gives no representation or warranty with respect to any goods or services provided by EASI. In particular, RHB gives no warranty with respect to the quality of goods or services redeemed or their suitability for any purpose. For any dispute concerning the quality of goods or services received from EASI, RHB cardholder are encouraged to liaise directly with EASI or RHB Customer Contact Centre at 03-92068118. If RHB cardholders are not satisfied with the resolution given by RHB, please refer to Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) at 03-22722811.
    RHB 不对EASI百家外卖提供的任何商品或服务作出任何陈述或保证。 特别是,RHB 不对所兑换商品或服务的质量或其对任何目的的适用性作出任何保证。 对于从EASI百家外卖收到的商品或服务质量的任何争议,鼓励RHB持卡人直接联系EASI百家外卖或RHB客户联络中心03-92068118。 如果 RHB 持卡人对 RHB 给出的解决方案不满意,请致电 03-22722811 联系金融服务申诉专员 (OFS)。
  8. The promotion is not applicable to Shariah non-compliant products and services such as liquor, pork, indecent entertainment, tobacco etc. (if any) for Islamic cards.
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