Exclusive Merchants Week 独家商家周 #easionly04

Terms & Conditions

  1. This campaign will be held from 20th to 27th April 2021, both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”). 本次活动将于2021年4月20日至27日举行,日期包括(“活动期”)
  2. This Campaign is organised by NKL360 Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“EASI”) and is governed by the laws of Malaysia.
    本次活动由NKL360 Malaysia Sdn Bhd(“百家外卖”)举办,并受马来西亚法律管辖。
  3. All users (“Users”) can enjoy 20% OFF just by using the promo code: “easionly04” up to RM10 with a minimum spending of RM50 , each user will be allowed to use 2 times on this promo code when purchase any order with online payment below:
    活动期间,在以下的餐厅点餐将享有减免20%的优惠,用户只需输入优惠码:”easionly04” 最低消费为RM50最高减免RM10便可使用 ,用户能使用该优惠码高达2次。
  4. Easi reserves the right to withhold, restrict or deny any Users from enjoying the Discount if it considers any possibility of fraud or misconduct. Easi’s decision is final in the event of dispute regarding all matters relating to this Promotion.
  5. Easi reserves the right to amend or change any terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time.
  6. By participating in the Promotion, the User accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and agrees that Easi may use its personal data for this Promotion.
  7. For enquiries about the Promotion, please call the Easi Customer Service Hotline at 03-2770 2880.

Participating Merchant List 参与商家列表

  1. 涛哥凉皮 (SUNWAY GIZA) ID:83475
  2. 蜀国印象火锅 (KL TOWN) ID:86641
  3. 福成水饺大王(PUDU) (MALURI) ID:82557
  4. 阿强蒸鱼头饭店 (PANDAN INDAH) ID: 83794
  5. 顺味馆 (SS2) ID:85341
  6. 老街串吧 (SS2) ID:90362
  7. 新青山 (KEPONG) ID:85092
  8. 海里捞火锅(KUCHAI LAMA) ID: 82863
  9. 九头鸟酒楼川湘菜 (MIDVALLEY) ID:82656
  10. Star Cafe Fusion Food & Entertainment (MIDVALLEY) ID:84247
  11. 小食代 (SUNWAY) ID:84967
  12. 可口食艺 (MIDVALLEY) ID:84719
  13. 百味佳 (Kuchai Lama) ID:91253
  14. 重庆香辣锅CQB(Kuchai Lama总店) ID:82919
  15. CQB 重庆香辣锅 (Sunway Giza) ID:84186
  16. 大唐味道(Sri Petaling) ID:86315
  17. 中国超市 (Kuchai Lama) ID:89911
  18. 桂林人超市(Sri Petaling) ID:93732
  19. 来来往往 (Kuchai Lama) ID:82482
  20. 老四川火锅 (Kuchai Lama) ID:83550
  21. 李大姐重庆小面(Kuchai Lama) ID:82879
  22. 龙行天下中国烧烤 (Mont Kiara) ID:92471
  23. 龙行天下中国火锅 (Mont Kiara) ID:92481
  24. 沸腾渔乡(烧烤)(川菜东北菜)(Kuchai Lama) ID:82596
  25. 桂林人粥城 (Sri Petaling) ID:93719
  26. 桂林人(Kuchai Lama) ID:82925
  27. 新烽肉骨茶 (Sri Petaling) ID:91922
  28. 中闽超市 (USJ One City) ID:90592
  29. 港湾海鲜楼 (USJ) ID:94899
  30. 牛烤(Sunway Mentari) ID:95252
  31. 川人百味 (Sunway Mentari) ID:83768
  32. 蜀三国老火锅 (Kuchai Lama) ID:82911
  33. 安泊尔 (清真) (Pavilion) ID:89233
  35. HWM 寿桃包/流沙包 (KL) (HQ) ID:89165
  36. 大唐味道 (MALURI) ID:83883
  37. 桂林人超市1(Pudu)吉隆坡最多品种的超市 (MALURI) ID:83583
  38. 欣晨中国超市 (MALURI) ID:84290
  39. 福成(锅烙筋饼)私房菜 (MALURI) ID:86774
  40. 中闽超市 (PUCHONG) ID:90592
  41. 川人百味(蒲种) (PUCHONG) ID:83777
  42. 臭婆娘臭豆腐 (辉煌美食中心) (PUCHONG) ID:86627
  43. 统一中国超市 (PUCHONG) ID:88442
  44. 中国心超市 (PUCHONG) ID:85648
  45. 香菜馆 (SERI KEMBANGAN) ID:91155
  46. 川湘传奇 (SERI KEMBANGAN) ID:93390
  47. 永真香(乾)肉骨茶 (SERI KEMBANGAN) ID:92473
  48. 许多鱼中国超市 (KL TOWN) ID:83801
  49. 延边在哪边美食馆 (MALURI) ID:89530
  50. 美好冰室 (SUWNAY GIZA) ID:94383
  51. 吉祥川味馆 (SUWNAY GIZA) ID:82966
  52. 张记木桶鱼 (SUWNAY GIZA) ID:86997
  53. 海里捞火锅 (SUWNAY GIZA) ID:82863
  54. 新青山亚华福建面 (SS14) (SUNWAY) ID:95241
  55. 新青山阿华福建面 (USJ) (SUNWAY) ID:94520
  56. 花姑娘茶档 (SS15) (SUNWAY) ID:96708
  57. 一起吃川湘菜(Taman Desa) (MIDVALLEY) ID:92518
  58. 远景中国超市 (Publika) (KL TOWN) ID:91350
  59. 涨格重庆老火锅 (KL TOWN) ID:94787
  60. Little Asia Kitchen (SERI KEMBANGAN) ID:86036
  61. 河边小食早市(KJG) (KAJANG) ID:82595
  62. 天天中国超市 (SERI KEMBANGAN) ID:91650
  63. 中华食府 (Taman Desa) (MIDVALLEY) ID:91132
  64. 猫星人UFO烤吧 (Kuchai Lama) (KUCHAI LAMA) ID:83539
  65. 蜀国印象 (KEPONG) ID:97028
  66. 元帅猪肉粉 (KEPONG) ID:94529
  67. 湘满情像川菜馆 (KUCHAI LAMA) ID:93625
  68. 爱尚食品 (KUCHAI LAMA) ID:94570
  69. 韩小嘿 特色卤味 鸭货 (KUCHAI LAMA) ID:94395
  70. Sarawak Kolo Mee 创世纪 (KAJANG) ID:90027
  71. 万德福中国超市 (GEORGETOWN) ID:95994
  72. Ywine Kitchen & Bar (Taman Desa) (MIDVALLEY) ID:88332
  73. 蜀香楼火锅 (KL TOWN) ID:91241
  74. 鲜奶吧 (BUKIT MERTAJAM) ID:83899
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