2021 “Count Share Like” Halloween Campaign 2021 “数一数 分享 点赞” 万圣节活动

Terms & Conditions

  1. This contest will be held from 25th October to 31th October 2021 , both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”).
  2. This event is organised by NKL360 Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“EASI”) and is governed by the laws of Malaysia.
    本次活动由NKL360 Malaysia Sdn Bhd(“百家外卖”)举办,并受马来西亚法律管辖。
  3. Contest mechanism. 游戏规则.
    1. Participant has to perform the following actions in order to be eligible to win the prize
      1. Like EASI official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/easimy/
        点赞 EASI 官方 Facebook 页面 https://www.facebook.com/easimy/
      2. Comment number of ghost image found in EASI app main page on the Halloween contest post in EASI official Facebook page.
        在活动贴子里写上在 EASI 百家外卖 App的首页里看到多少只“鬼”的图画
      3. Tag three (3) Facebook friends in the comment done in 3.2
        在帖子里标记三名 Facebook 好友
      4. Share the Halloween contest post in the EASI official Facebook page to participants personal page which can be accessed by public.
        分享在 EASI 官方 Facebook 页面的万圣节比赛帖子
    2. Prize 奖品:
      • Free delivery up to RM10 voucher with minimum spending of RM25 which only valid for 5 days upon redemption within the contest period.
        最低消费满RM25 可免费派送高达RM10 的礼券,在比赛期间兑换后仅有效期为5 天。
      • The prize will be void if not redeem within the contest period.
    3. Issuing of prize to winner 奖品发放给参赛赢家
      • EASI will send the voucher in unique promotion code format to eligible winner via Facebook Messenger.
        EASI 会通过 Facebook Messenger 发送唯一兑换码优惠劵给符合条件的获胜者。
      • EASI makes best effort to send the prize within 48 hours upon completion of tasks outline in point 3.1, but it may take longer if circumstances arise.
        EASI 尽最大努力在完成第 3.1 点中的任务概述后的 48 小时内发送奖品,但如果出现情况可能需要更长时间。
  4. EASI reserves the right to withhold, restrict or deny any Users from enjoying the Discount if it considers any possibility of fraud or misconduct. Easi’s decision is final in the event of dispute regarding all matters relating to this Promotion.
  5. Easi reserves the right to amend or change any terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time.
  6. By participating in the Promotion, the User accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and agrees that Easi may use its personal data for this Promotion.
  7. For enquiries about the Promotion, please call the Easi Customer Service Hotline at 03-2770 2880.

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